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If/when myenergi products are returned to you by your customers (under warranty), they may have spoken with myenergi's Technical Support team to receive guidance and support while attempting to install the product(s) and if so, will have been provided with a support ticket reference for their case. Please confirm with your customer when accepting a return (under warranty) whether they have a support ticket reference and, if so, include it below:

Please note, where a product is returned to myenergi under the terms of the myenergi product warranty for assessment as defective or faulty without a support ticket reference from the myenergi Technical Support team, myenergi reserves the right to return the product to the Wholesaler or Distributor if no fault or defect is found during its assessment and any outstanding warranty case/claim linked to the returned product(s) voided. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these terms, please get in touch with your Account Manager or Business Development Manager for further guidance. Please tick the box to acknowledge you have read/understand these terms before proceeding

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