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V5 firmware update - full instructions



  • Neil Ginsburg

    Please update *THIS* page with the status of the V5 rollout.  Is it paused? has it resumed?  what is expected behaviour (eg Hub WILL update to V5 but Zappi 2.0 has been halted and will not; Zappi 2.1 Will, etc etc)

  • Michael Verdun Heath

    This is most frustrating and totally unacceptable.  We received a notification to update, not knowing Zappi v5 had halted - the eddie updated and now i have a non-functioning system.  The information available and communication has been terrible... and the product is now broken.

  • Neil Ginsburg

    Hi ALL….Please update this or any other page somewhere with an update… the process paused?  Is it resuming? I can see there are firmware version updates so I assume these are fixed and updating is now back on but it's so hard to know.  So far my hub v1 / Zappi V2 still will not update…  only shows v3.177 available for a Zappi 2…..


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