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zappi 2 - Firmware Version 5.035 / 5.036 / 5.039



  • Christopher Baguley

    I have updated to 5.036 on my Zappi 2 S/N 1 with hub S/N 2 on 5.001, now my polestar will not complete handshake. Using my 10a slow charge cable, handshake completes fine. Anyone else experiencing?
    [Ed: Support ticket raised]

  • Rik Webb

    Christopher Baguley - did you get this sorted? I'm a Polestar driver with a Zappi 2 and don't want to upgrade if there are issues. Thanks.

  • Christopher Baguley

    Hi Rik,

    Yes, sorry I meant to come back and update the post, but Chris reached out over the weekend and was amazing with the support provided.

    The stop delay setting under Eco+ charge settings had been changed from 30 seconds (I assume an inadvertent setting change in the FW as it was not amended manually). Chris explained changing this back to 30 secs would rectify, and myenergi pushed the setting change through to my unit. All working normally now!

  • Rik Webb

    Excellent :)

    I did read about that setting, so good to hear it fixes this problem.

    Many Thanks mate

  • Peter Jason Taylor

    Good morning,

    Thank you MyEnergi for replacing the fauly Zappi 19574770 under warranty. The new one works OK and has been incorporated into my App. I just need to figure out how to remove the old one from my App.

    I have the following products: Hub Registration Code r2f19-b0cf, S/N 12264319
    Zappi 19574770 Eddi 14694453 Harvi 11572208. I did not upgrade immediately because I was too busy to troubleshoot. Four days ago the Zappi repeatedly suffered Lock Failure #23. So I guessed that this might be caused by my neglecting to install the new firmware. I did so yesterday, following your instructions precisely and using the option for a Zappi 2 communicating via a hub. The Hub upgraded OK and shows five green lights. The Eddi upgraded OK and works properly. There were no instructions to upgrade the Harvi, so I presume that it takes care of itself. But the Eddi will still not charge the EV. Whenever I connect and try to start charging, it immediately displays “Zappi Lock Failure #23 Firmware V.5036”. IS THIS A HARDWARE FAILURE? I have tried to upgrade again but it will not allow that. When I go to Other Settings …. Download Firmware, it briefly shows Firmware V.5036 and returns to the normal display.

  • arunodain

    Since upgrading my Zappi v2 to latest version, it has stopped lowering the electric flow rate automatically to car when a load is run in the house. 
    Lucky I have a battery and it ends up pulling extra power from the battery! This didn’t happen before!! 
    Any settings I need to change? 


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