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eddi 2.1 + WiFI/vHub - Firmware Version 5.160 / 5.162 / 5.166 / 5.168



  • Zak the tech

    Is there a list of bug fixes / improvements for this release outside of the v5 generic update?.

  • Craig Sanderson

    FYI - since installing 5.162 my EDDI is double reporting any export heading to grid.  As such when excess is detected (for example when a heavy house load ends) the brief time there is export to the grid and before my inverter ramps down the EDDI starts to send power to my hot water heater, and with the double counting the adjustment time before it stops is taking a very long time.  Hence I've lots of start-stop events in my EDDI.

    By the way I tried calling telephone support three times to no avail, I raised a support ticket to let you know about this with no reply...

    Thank you.

  • Craig Sanderson

    Update to my last post.

    When my EDDIv2 and ZAPPIv2 were installed my EDDI was set as the main gateway/hub unit and the ZAPPI a secondary device.  My installed wired up both with their supplied CT's.  With the previous firmware readings from the ZAPPI were either discounted or ignored by the main unit.  After the v5 update it appeared that the two CT's readings were combined and therefore double counted.  After advice from Myenergi I set the ZAPPI CT setting from grid to none and the double counting returned to normal and monitoring of export excess returned to normal.  t's probably worth sharing as I imagine a number of similar installs are out there either as the installer isn't aware that one grid CT to the gateway/hub unit can support two or more Myenergi products.

    Now I have a spare CT - any suggestions on where it could play a role in a hybrid inverter (with battery) system to better avoid battery drain?


  • Ian Turley

    I have just installed 5.168 firmware but cannot see the re-introduction of the export threshold. I am currently not exporting and the eddi is diverting.


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