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zappi 2 - Firmware Version 3.142



  • Erik Geurts

    It might be helpful to the uninitiated to explain what "PWM" and "Compatibility Mode" mean, or to link to some articles that explain these concepts.

  • Dr Chris Horne CEng FIET

    Good point Erik - we'll put something together.
    For the time being:

    • PWM "Pulse Width Modulation" is the way that zappi tells the EV how much current it can use to charge the battery.  According to the standard the lowest value is 6A (10% PWM) and the highest value is 32A (53% PWM)
      Here's the obligatory link to Wikipedia

    • "Compatibility Mode" are some settings in the zappi to help it cope with some EV's that behave a little differently - namely the Renault Zoe.
      The Zoe needs more current to start charging, so with Compatibility Mode turned on zappi won't start a charge in ECO+ unless there is more current available.
      As soon as the car starts to charge zappi can work out if it is a Renault Zoe and, if not, will let subsequent charges start at 6A.
  • Erik Geurts

    Very informative, I learned something new today!


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