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There's no history showing in my app / account



  • Timyersidies

    I also had to re-boot my Zappi v2.1 in order for this to work for me.

  • Steven Bashforth

    I have not had any Charge history (myenergi account: Energy Use - Charging Sessions {}) showing on the website since the end of May.
    I have only Charged with Solar in June but normal it records solar as a charge.

    Infact it would be nice if it could differentiate between Solar and Grid charges, that's another story.

    The ZAPPI has the data onboard, and the APP also shows it, it is just not showing on the Website

    I did the V5 update the Day I got the email saying the updates were out that week, I misread as the updates are out.

    My Hub2 - 20073877, updated to V5.000, I failed to update my ZAPPI V2.0 due to the firmware not available at the time and the HUB stopped communicating to it and a reset and re-pair got them talking again.

    I updated ZAPPI a week or two later, when V5.035 came out, and then again when V5.036 was released.    So my Hub2 is V5.000 and ZAPPI 2.0 is V5.036 

    I did try an update Hub to V5.001 but it stays on V5.000, I will try that again in a minute, also I see there is another ZAPPI2.0 update to V5.039.

    I am sure I read on the forum about this issue of no charge session history, but I am unable to find it now, sorry.

    Please advise

    Kind regards, Steve Bashforth…


  • Dr Chris Horne CEng FIET

    There has been a problem with the charge logs for customers with a  zappi 2.0 since the update to v5 firmware.  The charge logs are on the server but are not being displayed.
    We have a priority ticket with the software development team to fix this so the logs should be available again very soon.
    Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

  • Peter

    I am surprised that this priority bug hasn’t been fixed despite this article being a month old …


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