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Setting up WiFi



  • Mark Reeder

    "Note: Once connected, your ‘Access Point’ will turn itself OFF as it’s only needed to set up the WiFi connection
    I found this confusing until I pretended it and the GUI read "Access Point Mode "
    Pretty sure I now understand but would like you to consider re-phrasing this aspect.
    Ed: Wording updated to (hopefully) make it clearer. Thanks for the feedback

  • Bertus Viljoen

    Why does my Zappi not have the WiFi menu option?


    Ed: Only the most recent version of zappi has built in WiFi.  You can check which version of zappi you have from the product code.  If the code starts ZAPPI-2Hxxxxxx then it has the WiFi built in.  However, if the code does not include the letter "H" then it uses 868MHz radio to communicate with other myenergi devices and cannot not connect directly to the internet itself.

  • Micky Fish

    My access point is set to off & will not change when plus is selected. Also when I go to WPS there is nothing on the screen to select.


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