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Updating the firmware on your zappi v2 + WiFi/vHub



  • tonyx45

    What do you do if the process described above does not work as described?

  • 1QuestB

    My Zappi's status is stuck at downloading.

  • Dalnwick

    I have a Zappi version 1, working well, but I did not buy a hub.   Does this mean that I can not update the firmware to the latest version - that is a shame, wished I had known that when I bought it, but perhaps I am wrong in that, perhaps there is a way, can anyone let me know?  My firmware is currently v3.103

    [Ed: Please contact and we can discuss options to get your zappi firmware updated should this be necessary]

  • Jonathan Mallone

    I am appalled that Myenergi thinks it is OK to change the software associated with my charger without informing me. This had left me unable to charge my car for the foreseeable future. I live in an isolated rural area. Perhaps Myenergi would like to pay for my wife and I to take taxis until such time as this self-induced problem is fixed?


    [Ed:  The firmware is only updated when the end user confirms the update in the app and, checking on the server, I can confirm that the firmware on your zappi has not been updated.
    I note that you have raised a Technical Support ticket and will make sure this is looked at directly]

  • Jonathan Mallone

    Why does having a charger have to be so complicated? Having an on/off switch and a timer would have been sufficient for me.


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