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How do I find my serial number and registration code?




    Thanks for that information.
    The reg code is not displayed but I don't have a hub, as my new Eddi has a built-in hub. So what do I do now?

  • Wie Lok

    same as above. I have the serial number but could not find the Reg number even though I have connected my Wifi to the Zappi. Also check the linked devices and not sure what i'm looking at but it says Zappi on the screen so I assume its connected.

  • Jonathan Fain

    Same problem. I don't have a hub. No registration code on page 2.

  • tonyshox2020

    No registration code on page 2…built in hub in eddy
    What’s next ,eddy only product I have but love

  • Simon King

    Same here, at the bottom of screen 2 it just says 'No Hub Connected'

  • Denis Stephens

    Same as all above. NO reg code.

  • Joecluxton

    Same here and no help from myenergi and the solar panel company that fitted the device say they don't offer support for the myenergi app. How can myenergi allow a company to sell their product that they don't support. It is bizarre and very poor customer service . 

  • Ciaran S

    I had the same issue as above and found the solution in the forum.

    You just need to reboot the Eddi after the WiFi setup and the reg code appears.

  • David Bassett

    I have a brand new Zappi and cannot find the registration number? It is not on page 2 of information, nor on the paperwork?


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