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Pairing my zappi to a hub



  • Jon Boughton

    These instructions assume that the hub and zappi have not been paired before... err mine have been paired before but after a hub reset lights to zappi and harvi are off. How do I re pair now?

  • Chris Heatherington

    When I put my hub in pairing mode and try to pair from my zappi v1 I can't see the hub in the list. What is the radio signal range? Currently they are probably only 5 meters apart, but there are a couple of walls between them.

    [Ed: The range is very good - should be better than WiFi, but depends on what might be blocking the signal.  Foil backed plasterboard will kill the radio signal, as do thick stone walls.
    To pair the hub you could temporarily move if closer to the zappi (it does not have to be plugged into the Ethernet when it is pairing.
    Best to stick to channel 1 or 4.
    One other thing to check is that the hub is on the same radio frequency.  Zappi v1 only works on 868MHz.  When the hub is in pairing mode, if the server LED is yellow then it's on 915MHz]


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