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Hybrid PV and Battery - How to stop your myenergi devices draining the battery in ECO+



  • Ajmelton68

    This works for the Zappi, but how do we do it for the Eddi?

  • Jon Homer

    Thanks for the above, I've set a threshold & margin to hopefully stop my Eddi using any battery or importing. I wondered if there is any functional differences between setting the 2nd CT to generation or generation + battery?
    I know that when set to g+b I don't see a generation figure on the display but does it actually make any difference to how the Eddi works?

  • Ardmhacha Iot

    Jon, out of interest, what did you set your threshold, margin and delay to? I have set mine to 50w,50w,5sec

  • Jon Homer

    Threshold is set to 350, time 10s and margin 50w. Had to do a fairly large & slow threshold as I had an update onto my inverter recently that has made it quite slow to react to changes in load.
    I plan to fine tune them down a bit but at the moment with the sun being on & off constantly I'm sticking on the side of caution.


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