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The graphs in the myenergi app



  • Alison O' Connor

    I recently upgraded my battery and added a 3.5kW to an existing 2.4kW (total storage ~6kW). My inverter is set to import from the grid at 50amp for 45 min. The imported graph shows about 4kW is imported during that timeframe but only 2kW is consumed!? I know there are other house requirements but that doesn’t account for this difference. Is my battery not storing all the imported energy? It isn’t exported back to the grid so what is happening to the 1-2kW that are unaccounted for?

  • Dr Chris Horne CEng FIET

    Hi Alison - the best place to get an answer to your question would be on the myenergi forum at or for problems with your system send an email to

    Please include photos / screen shots and your hub serial number to get the quickest answer.

  • Alison O' Connor

    Thanks chris

  • John Winters

    It would be useful if this page also covered the graph in the app which shows the charging process for a car through the Zappi.  I've asked the support desk for information about what the various shading styles mean but they don't seem to know.  They said they'd enquire and get back to me but I heard no more.

    (Ed: Article now updated to explain the shaded region in the energy graphs.  Thanks for the feedback)

  • jacksonpaul06

    Its all happening this end!.

    My app start off with three icons then into five… I have lost the Solar icon and why have I got two Eddies on my App.

    Of course I have checked the app as did the iphone guys in town.

    I have pictures of the eddie showing power from the grid being supplied to my house at 23:30 at a rate of 3.9kw and at 17:30 showing 7.6kw. Nothing that much running in the house at hese times.

    Has this something to do with the Zappi power being remotely controlled? I waiting for the socket on the Zappi to be changed is this another reason. 


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