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Using a battery with your myenergi system



  • MW_eUP

    Shouldn't the article also mention that the export margin and avoid drain only work with ECO+ with MGL100%?!

  • Niall Benn

    What about a basic timer function so we can set the charger to only charge at night when we know our battery is not discharging? All modes I set my unit to seem to use my house battery even if a schedule is set!

    [Ed: There's the Scheduled Boost in eddi and zappi that do this - turning on the output at a defined time. However the battery also needs to be "off" or set to charge during the same time period, otherwise the battery will always be drained]

  • Dalnwick

    I previously had my Zappi (in my garage, separated from main house and Consumer Unit) and my Hybrid inverter (also installed in garage) wired separately to the mains/meter board, and both worked independently, splendid.   But for various reasons I had to re-wire, and one heavy mains cable now takes power from the CU to both the Zappi and the Hybrid Inverter.   So now I have the problem of my 10kWh Li batteries discharging whenever I want to charge the car.

    One simple solution is to disconnect the Hybrid inverter's CT from the main power line in to the CU,  the Hybrid Inverter then does not 'see'  all the energy that the Zappi is using, and so does not attempt to compensate by discharging the battery to get that power.    I will probably install a simple 'on off' switch on the cover of the box in which the CT is installed.    

  • Neil Grant

    Before I read this article. On an ac coupled battery and PV system I set the eddi export to 500w because I had noticed the battery drainage. This adjustment was not successful. When the eddi starts increasing its water charge rate with exported PV generation, and the PV output subsequently drops off, it does not seem to differentiate between PV exported output and energy from the ac coupled battery. This results in an increasing drain on the battery as the PV output drops off. This is taken from direct observation of Kw flow within my ac coupled battery and PV system.

    [Ed: This will be a problem with the installation / location of the CT's.  Please try posting a message on the myenergi forum ( or sending and email to]

  • Stephen Frost - End User

    Why does a third party battery have no settings yet Zappi logs flow to and from the battery. Solar panels, grid and home have no settings yet they are all logged for the myenergi app?


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