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Setting a scheduled charge on a zappi



  • Jim Bass

    Setting a schedule using the zappi local controls

    Instructions under development

    how can this be possible my unit was inst@lled two weeks ago but I cannot set scheduled charging, ridiculous.

    Further I spent 20 minutes on the phone this morning waiting for a response!

    Very frustrated


  • Johan _

    I have tried as instructed in the app. When I plug in my car the charging would start immediately (not as my settings). It doesn’t work.

  • Dr Chris Horne CEng FIET

    Hi Johan _
    If the car starts charging straight and the zappi is definitely in ECO+ mode then there are a couple of possibilities. 

    • The grid CT's are the wrong way round or not fitted.  On the zappi display / app does the power flow from or to the grid look right?  When you turn on a large electrical load such as a kettle or oven you should see more power flowing from the grid to the house
    • Zappi has "Plug In Charge" turned on.  With this setting, zappi will carry out a short charge when the EV is first plugged in so that the EV knows what the maximum charge rate could be.  The charge should stop quite quickly until there is enough surplus or a boost takes place

    If you are still having problems please send an email to for help


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