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ECO/ECO+ charge rates in a three phase zappi



  • Alex Barker

    I have a 3 phase grid supply and 3 phase Zappi in Germany. However my Nissan Leaf only charges on a single phase unfortunately. I plan to install a 5 kW solar array with a 3 phase inverter. What is the best setup in order to harness the generated energy from all 3 phases?

  • Michael Seow

    Any word on when a firmware release is coming so that it dynamically switches between single and three phase when on eco plus modes

    [Ed; This is being actively worked on and we aim to have new firmware in beta test within the next 6 weeks]

  • Alexis Monnier

    I am very interested in this new feature. Will the zappi be able to detect if the connected vehicle can charge on 3phases? (as I have two vehicles it's not really practical to have to systematically change the settings on the zappi. If it was possible to change the 1ph vs 3ph mode from the app it would be a good improvement)

    [Ed: Yes - the plan is for zappi to auto detect if the EV can charge with all three phases or just 1 (or even with 2 phases in the case of some vehicles!).  Changes to the app are being considered but have not been finalised yet]

  • Antony

    Great news this is not far off.
    I am happy to help with the Beta test program if you need.

  • Wilko Heine

    I would be very happy to have this feature, because I have a 12kWp PV. I normally have the Zappi set to Eco+ 1 phase, but the maximum is just 4kW not as written 7.3kW. How can that be?
    If there is a lot sun I switch manually to 3 phase to get the maximum out of it

    [Ed: I suspect your car is only able to charge at 3.6kW on just one phase.  This is one of the problems we have to solve with the auto phase switching - how to decide if the car is limited to 3.6kW on one phase...]


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