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Current firmware versions / updating your firmware



  • John Rogers

    Is it worth adding the latest app version to the list of the latest firmware versions?

  • John Rogers

    Thank-you for updating Zappi v1. It doesn't affect me but it is good to know that Zappi v1 is still supported.

  • Antoine Kurukchi

    Can you please enable access to the v5 release notes. Currently comes up with you do not have permission
    [Ed: Sorry Antoine - the articles are now unlocked]

  • J L Pearson

    No longer working after the firmware upgrade. It is now using power from the grid intermittently. I have had to turn it off.

  • Guesse Mickael

    Zappi 2.1 triphasé ne charge plus en fonction de la production solaire ça charge soit à fond soit en variation mais ne suis plus la production solaire depuis la mise à jour 5.044 de d'assistance demandé.

  • Albert_IV

    Would it be possible to add links to the latest user manuals with the version and release date as well? Could be in the table with the firmware version or a separate table. New configuration possibilities should also be reflected in an updated user manual. Products are only as good as the documentation :-)

  • Markus Zimmermann

    Bitte auch die Anleitung für Zappi 2 mit nachgerüstetem Ethernet-Board auf dieser Seite verlinken. Habe das erst nach mehrmaligen Fehlversuchen mit der normalen Anleitung und anschließender erweiterter Google-Suche gefunden. Damit hat es dann auf Anhieb funktioniert.


  • Andrea Egginton

    I’ve updated the firmware on my Zappi 2 but it now says the car isn’t connected, when it is and it’s charging. 

    How do I fix this? 

  • contact

    So I've put info on the community forum while I wait for problems created by upgrading to this v5 update.
    For those that want to see what upgrading from v3 zappi to v5 does to your electricity bill, please direct your attention to the power-flows in the reply I sent to this post:



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